Motorsport UK launches DBS and PVG checks

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Dear Motorsport UK Clubs,
Motorsport UK has launched a DBS application service for its participants and volunteers, which is now available on our website HERE.
Those who participate in motorsport should be able to do so in an enjoyable and safe environment, protected from abuse and Motorsport UK recognises its responsibility to safeguard all participants and supports the assertion that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.
An integral process of the implementation of Motorsport UK’s safeguarding measures is ensuring correct satisfactory suitability checks are completed for those working or volunteering in roles that are defined as ‘regulated’ activity.
Within Motorsport UK Associations, Committees, Clubs and Event / Championship organisers, it is a requirement for individuals in identified roles that meet government legislation criteria to be DBS checked.
This list is available HERE. This is a non-exhaustive list and if you are unsure what roles meet the relevant criteria, please contact for further support.
Motorsport UK is conducting a phased rollout of the DBS and PVG checks to its community the week commencing 24 January 2022. Depending on the number of roles you or your officials undertake within motorsport, you may receive this communication more than once.  A list is available HERE outlining dates Motorsport UK will communicate with specific groups.
Over the next couple of months, we will provide all Motorsport UK registered clubs with further information on safeguarding and requirements. If you’re interested in finding out more in advance, further information about safeguarding in sports clubs is available HERE.
The following flow chart (click HERE for a larger PDF view) will aid you in assessing your own or your teams’ requirements to undertake a DBS check:   Image removed by sender.   To hold a Motorsport UK license, it is mandatory that all Motorsport UK volunteers, whose roles have been identified as meeting the relevant criteria, undertake a DBS / PVG check.
All licensed/registered Motorsport UK volunteers will be fully funded by Motorsport UK. Non-Motorsport UK volunteers will be charged a fee of £21 GBP.  Those who earn from their role will be required to cover the cost directly and this is charged at £65 GBP.
For those who reside in England, the British Isles and Wales, check HERE to apply for your DBS. Those who reside in Scotland, please email to complete your application.
A question and answer document on the Motorsport UK DBS / PVG check process is available HERE.
For further information on Motorsport UK’s Safeguarding policies and procedures please visit our website HERE.     Motorsport UK Safeguarding Contact

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