November Press Release

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Many thanks to all who responded to the email vote on whether they preferred one day meetings for the Winter 100 series.  A majority of competitors voted they liked the one day meetings, but the teams and traders unanimously voted against. 

So as a compromise the committee has decided to go ahead with the one day split weekends in January and February and revert to the normal Saturday practice and Sunday race day from March.  This will allow us to take extra classes like Rotax Mini Max when the daylight is short and run with three heats. 

We thank everyone for their support and especially the teams.  The 2022 calendar is on the website as well as the 2022 Pit Bay request form.  Awards details and trophy winners will be emailed to all members along with an order form for the Awards Dinner on Saturday 8th January.  A very happy Christmas and Festive season to all.

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