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We are looking forward to having two race weekends in October, and an extra practice day on Friday 29th October so please get your entries in early.  Comer Bambino are invited only for the Friday 29th practice day.  Due to the shortage of new TKM slick tyres, we will only permit used tyres in Junior TKM and TKM Extreme, no more than 2.8mm tread depth, and do not expect to see any new tyres in practice either, in fairness to all.  The Grandstand will be re-opened in October, but please respect social distancing, and remember no signalling.  We welcome the 210 Challenge for their last round of the year.  Thanks to everyone for observing the total ban on electric scooters.





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Where Are WE?

Shenington Village is out of bounds to all attending Shenington Kart Racing Club, unless using the local amenities 


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