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Shenington Village is not to be used when heading to or from sheningtonkrc.

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Shenington Kart Racing Club is a well-known and prestigious kart racing club located in Shenington, a village in Oxfordshire, England. Founded in 1960, it is one of the oldest and most respected karting clubs in the country. Shenington Kart Racing Club caters to racers of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. The club organizes various race events throughout the year, including club championships,  and national-level competitions. These events attract a diverse range of participants, from local enthusiasts to nationally recognized drivers.

The club has a vibrant and friendly community, with members who are passionate about karting and dedicated to promoting the sport. Shenington Kart Racing Club has a strong focus on safety, implementing strict regulations and procedures to ensure a secure racing environment. Shenington Kart Racing Club has gained a reputation as a breeding ground for talented drivers, with many successful racers having started their careers at the club. It serves as a stepping stone for aspiring motorsport professionals, providing them with the opportunity to gain experience, improve their skills, and progress to higher levels of competition.

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Shenington Village is not to be used when heading to or from SheningtonKRC

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